As people, especially women, we use our hair on a subconscious level. We interact with it when we flirt or feel frustrated. We use it as a mask when we're shy. As fantastic as good hair days are, bad days are just as nightmarish.


Our hair is a physical manifestation of who we are. We judge each other by our hair, placing each other in perceived social boxes based on curl type, texture, colour and styling preference. Subconsciously, we pass judgement.

Embracing our natural hair can be challenging if it is not aligned with our personality, lifestyle and self image. All of our hair journeys are deeply personal. With that in mind, our team at Salon Jean Paul has developed a range of products to aid you on your journey. Kink ushers in a new era in professional hair dressing where relaxers are replaced by sweet treatments and wash and blows by wash and go’s.


Because, let’s face it, personality is not the first thing people see.

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